Your Life In A Paragraph, What Do You Want It To Say?

Your Life In A Paragraph, What Do You Want It To Say?

If there is anything that we all can be guaranteed, it’s that we won’t be here forever. Since the beginning of time, people were born, lived, and died. Some of these people we remember and celebrate while others are completely forgotten. Knowing that our time is limited here, it is important to make the most of it, doing the things that matter most. When we die, the people we leave behind will only remember a fraction of what we did while we lived. That fraction is likely to consist of the things we gave most of our time and effort to and influencing it begins with knowing what we want it to be.

The fact that only a fraction of our life is remembered became more apparent when I read the Old Testament. As you know, the Old Testament summarizes the lives of many people and for a good portion of them, it was done in a few chapters or less. After just a short time of reading, I would have covered the entire lives of a few people. In general, only the most significant characters and their most significant accomplishments were included. So it got me thinking. I wondered if my life were to be summarized in a paragraph or less, what would I want it to say? If a paragraph was considered to be 5 to 6 sentences, it meant that I would have to think carefully about it as there would be limited space.

Writing My Paragraph

I eventually did write what I wanted my paragraph to say. While I always had some form of it in mind, writing it caused me to think about it carefully and pushed me to narrow it down to the most significant. Here’s what I wrote:

Moses was a great example of what it means to live a Godly life. Through his articles, books, videos, and presentations he has helped millions build their faith in God and themselves. He proved that you can start from the bottom and achieve good success in the sight of God and man. The treasures he acquired in this life cannot compare to the great treasures he has received in heaven. His hard work, sacrifice, and commitment will continue to be an inspiration in the hearts of all that knew him.

After writing my paragraph, I recognized that it was simply another way to write a vision for one’s life. It becomes your definition of what it means to have lived successfully. With a definition in mind, it’s easy to judge every activity or opportunity by its ability to help you fulfill it. Any activity you do that doesn’t help fulfill your summary is a distraction. Repeating those daily will ultimately lead to a failed life. On the other hand, activities that help you fulfill your paragraph will ultimately lead you to a successful life. It’s that simple!

I encourage you to summarize what you want others to say about your life in one paragraph. Doing so will push you to think deeply about what you consider to be a well-lived life. Conscious of it, you’ll be able to make better day-to-day decisions with your destination in mind.

AuthorMoses Pierre-Paul

Moses is a teacher by calling and an IT Professional by profession. He is dedicated to helping others grow personally and spiritually and lives by the motto "In This Life and The Next". He is the author of Input/Output: Change Your Environment, Change Your Life and routinely teaches at his church Chapel On The Hill where he is serving as an Elder and Youth Director.

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