The Reward Is In The Doing

The Reward Is In The Doing

About a year or two ago, I decided that I would maximize the time spent driving to and from work. To do so, I would listen to an educational podcast or a motivational youtube video. On one occasion, I was listening to Jim Rohn and he shared how at a certain point in a health and fitness book it states “Dear reader, put this book down and see how many pushups you can do.” It then states, “Dear reader, if you didn’t attempt any pushups, you might as well give this book away!”

After hearing this, I smiled. It reminded me of my early failures as a reader. When reading a book like The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and being instructed to complete an activity, I would skip over it. When exposed to a new idea that I knew would make a difference in my life, I wouldn’t even make a note. Consequently, I would complete books with a vague memory of what I read, never applying anything I learned; I was deceiving myself.

But praise the Lord! I have since seen the light. I confessed to myself that it is pointless learning something, and not applying it. A verse in The Bible states this clearly:

“Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says.”

James 1:22

Maybe you are constantly learning, but not doing. Can you honestly say you are benefiting from what you’ve learned? The reason for learning is not just to know, but to apply. The reward is in the doing.

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AuthorMoses Pierre-Paul

Moses is a teacher by calling and an IT Professional by profession. He is dedicated to helping others grow personally and spiritually and lives by the motto "In This Life and The Next". He is the author of Input/Output: Change Your Environment, Change Your Life and routinely teaches at his church Chapel On The Hill where he is serving as an Elder and Youth Director.

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